Korean War MIa

My time in Army


Ralph and Friends From Richland Center at enlistment station in Chicago Illinois. Ralph is first one on left.


Ralph looking good in his 15 month tour in guam. No longer the young man from graduation picture


Trained up as MP. Ready for anything.

Off to Korea


After 15 months in guam and a short leave at home Ralph arrived in Korea july 1950.

Ralph was attached to the 2nd military police company, 2nd Infantry Division during the push north to the Yalu River at the Chinese border. They had pushed out the North Koreans who had invaded South Korea June 25, 1950.

On October 25, 1950 the conflict changed as an approximate 300,000 Chinese forces attacked overwhelming U. S. forces in the western area of Korea. Most would recognize the other battle going on at the same time which was the now famous Chosin Reservoir battle which was taking place in the east. 

Ralph was in an area that became known as the Chongchon battle. Narrowed down more yet his last known whereabouts were in an area called the Kunuri Gauntlet. Overwhelming numbers of Chinese were pushing U.S. and Turkish forces south at a rapid pace.  On 30 November 1950 Ralph and other MP's went on a mission to search for some missing soldiers. They were never seen again.